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Polyester Flame Retardant Mechanism

2015-10-23 13:51 | writer: admin

Flame retardant material, often by gas phase flame retardant, condensed phase flame retardancy and heat exchange flame retardant mechanism of realizing interruption. Inhibition of promoting combustion reaction chain growth ability of free radicals is a flame retardant function of gas phase flame retardant; delay or prevent thermal decomposition of polymer flame retardant effect of the genus in the solid phase condensed phase flame retardant; flame retardant polymer combustion heat generated due to part away, flame retardant belongs to interrupt heat exchanger science class. But the combustion and flame retardant is a very complicated process, involving many influencing factors and the flame retardant mechanism, a flame retardant system is strictly divided into one is very difficult, in fact many flame retardant system also plays a role in several flame retardant mechanism.
Flame retardant polyester fabric modified method has the advantages of simple process, low cost, from the diversity of circulation and flame retardant requirements in many aspects of the degree of adaptability of view, than the original silk modification method is favorable. But if more than the amount of flame retardant, to feel and color of fabric greatly influence. Method of polyester fiber fabric flame retardant finishing the following three categories:
1) the flame retardant designed adsorption type structure such as disperse dyes, finishing with a bath dyeing process. Such as flame retardant JLSUN ATF.
2) with a hot method and flame retardant polyester fiber affinity great agent fixed on fiber. Not many varieties of flame retardants suitable for this method, little influence on the hand feeling, good color fastness to washing. Such as flame retardant JLSUN ATP.
3) dissolution type flame retardant has the advantages of convenient use, good flame retardant effect, suitable for natural and chemical fiber fabric and paper do not wash flame-retardant finishing, also suitable for hotels, car use in flame retardant decorative material finishing.

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