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The Development Trend of Flame Retardant Textiles in China

2015-10-24 08:39 | writer: admin

1. Strengthen the research and development of flame retardant fiber
At present, in order to fabric finishing and fabric with flame retardant permanence, flame retardant textiles and gives the characteristics of the fabric of high performance, multi function and its processing technology is the direction and trend of the development of flame retardant fiber. But at present, China's production and use the most is the flame-retardant finishing of fabrics, including cotton, pure polyester, wool, polyester / cotton and various blends of the durability of the flame retardant fabric and cotton, pure polyester, rayon and other non durable washing flame retardant fabric, production and use amount of flame retardant fiber fabric is very few, the annual output of only 100 tons. As people life and environment conditions continue to improve, the flame retardant textiles increasingly high performance requirements, so the development of flame retardant fiber should be put into force and capital should be more and more.
2. Strengthen the flame retardant textiles functional studies
At present the majority of flame retardant fiber or fabric only with flame retardant function, can not meet the special requirements of some sectors, such as flame retardant, flame retardant and water repellent oil repellent, flame-retardant and antistatic, flame retardant multifunctional product development is imperative. As in the production process using multiple forms of combination of flame retardant fabric, waterproof and oil repellent finishing; the use of flame retardant fiber yarn and conductive fiber interwoven in the production of anti-static flame retardant fiber; blended interwoven fabric by the production of high temperature resistant and flame retardant fiber and high performance fibers; the use of flame retardant fiber and cotton viscose fiber blended in order to improve the final product comfort and reduce cost etc..

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