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Blended Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

2015-10-26 09:03 | writer: admin

Blended cotton (also known as "nylon cotton fabric") flame retardant fabric is in cotton and nylon blended fabric after PROBAN or Pytrovatex CP flame retardant process into flame retardant fabric.
Cotton blended fabric requirements for fabric
In accordance with the general requirements, nylon content should be lower than 20%, blended cotton flame retardant fabric we usually see are 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber.
Nylon polyamide fiber in general is 215 DEG C melting point, decomposition temperature is 315 DEG C, ignition temperature is 530 C. Because of its melting point and ignition temperature difference, the combustion is easy to melt dripping out of the fire, not combustion, so Niron (nylon) fiber is considered to have self extinguishing.
Cotton blended fabric requirements for flame retardant
Flame retardant agent containing nitrogen and phosphorus results in polyester and cotton fabric on the good, and with the effect on nylon fabric is very not ideal, while chloride, bromide and other chlorinated flame retardants on Niron (cotton) flame retardant effect is not big, in the actual production we generally use the Proban flame retardant agent or Pytrovatex CP, these two kinds of flame retardants are flame retardant containing phosphorus. So the nylon cotton (cotton brocade) content of flame retardant fabric cotton brocade ratio nylon generally not more than 20%, usually in the nylon content is 12% flame retardant performance can be achieved EN470-1, EN11611, EN11612, EN531, EN533, BS5852, NFPA2112, NFPA, ASTM and GB8965-98 standards, etc..
Its main feature is the use of the flame retardant finishing on fabric production, the formation of internal crosslinking permanent, so that the flame retardant properties of durability, good washing resistance, non-toxic, no smell, safe to human body, breathable, soft, wearing comfort through, this flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent the spread of flame, the original performance can keep the fabric.
Characteristics of cotton blended flame retardant fabric
It has good abrasion resistance, strength better, feel more soft features, protective clothing made of this fabric has excellent flame retardant performance, can effectively prevent the spark, molten metal drop splash, the higher ATPV value and better thermal protective performance is a relatively high-end flame retardant fabric. The flame retardants used is a kind of durability for cotton fiber and its blended fabric finishing fire retardant.

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