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The Influence Factors of Transmission of Ultraviolet Ray

2015-11-07 08:51 | writer: admin

Influence of textile UV transmittance of many factors, such as organizational structure, cover factor, color, add in textile processing technology of chemical additives and sample processing etc..
1) The organizational structure of textiles woven or knitted fabric: more dense is ultraviolet through the quantity is small. The same fabric weave, UV protective properties increased with the increase of the thickness and the quality of fabric, basically depend on the cover factor.
2) Kinds of fabric fiber: different materials have different UV absorption properties. Cotton and rayon fabric UV transmittance of high. Bleaching of cotton fabrics with larger transmittance. The absorption ability of wool fabric, silk fabric has high ultraviolet. Polyester, due to aromatic ring structure, has high ultraviolet absorption ability. With the extinction agent material, easy to absorb ultraviolet. Nylon fiber quite easily by ultraviolet radiation.
3) Color and color of Fabric Shades: many dyes are UV absorption. In general, the deep color has a better protective performance. Black and dark blue with low ultraviolet transmittance.
4) Finishing: after anti UV treatment the fabric, after repeated washing will affect the anti UV properties of it. Not finishing by UV clothing, after shrinking will improve the anti UV properties of it.
5) Moisture content: wet clothes drier clothes with lower UV transmittance.

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