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Anti Static/Three Proofing with Bath Finishing of Fabrics

2015-11-09 08:55 | writer: admin

1.Antistatic finishing agent selection
Polyester fiber as a result of poor hygroscopicity, easy to produce static electricity. Many ways to give textile antistatic properties, the use of antistatic agent which is a relatively simple method. At present, the majority of antistatic agent through the absorption of moisture in the air, in order to improve the conductive fabric and eliminate static electricity. The antistatic performance is also associated with the degree of humidity of the environment, therefore, when the relative humidity is low, will have a greater impact on antistatic property.
2.The selection of finishing agent
Polyester/cotton reversible fabrics in the air medium critical surface tension (cellulose fiber was 200 dyn/cm, polyester fiber is 43 dyn/cm) the surface tension of water is greater than (72 dyn/cm), the surface tension is far greater than the oil (20~40 dyn/cm), therefore, no waterproof performance taking process, will also be stained with dirty oil.
The surface tension of perfluorocarbon finishing agent for 10~16 dyn/cm, the fabric of the finished high temperature baking, fluorocarbon compounds in chemical crosslinking fibre surface occurs, forming a continuous film, made of fluorinated groups on the surface of the fiber array pointing to the air, thereby reducing the fiber surface energy, so that the fiber surface tension decreased to below 16 dyn/cm. Surface tension is smaller than that of water and oil, performance and impart the fabric with water and oil repellent.
However, finishing and antistatic finishing is inherently contradictory. As mentioned before, antistatic finishing agent is absorbed through the moisture in the air, improve the conductive properties of fabric and the elimination of static electricity, and finishing is by reducing the fiber surface tension, surface tension below the water, oil, even if the fabric moisture content reduced. Therefore, we selected the antistatic finishing agent, through process optimization and to appropriately increase the finishing agent, performance indicators to achieve the required.

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