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The Function of Three Proofing Textiles

2015-11-11 09:25 | writer: admin

Fabric finishing the three proofing , namely waterproof, anti oil, anti pollution, make the fabric has the protection effect is very good. It can make the oil and water cannot easily penetrate to the inside of the fiber, the stains can be easily erased, so that the fabric long time keep clean and a new look, and will therefore reduce the number of fabric laundering, easier to manage.
Anti oil effect comparison
Proprietary features after finishing technology
Application: suitable for fabric flannel fabric, natural fibers (such as cotton, blended fiber) (such as T/C), synthetic fiber (such as acrylic, polyester) and other fabrics, can impart the fabric of oil and water repellent, and does not affect the original style and permeability.
Multifunctional combined: can be combined and other functions (double sided multifunctional overlapped, double power combined, single more can overlap), make the fabric has the functions of various combinations, in order to suit different areas of product use. More details please contact us.
The effect of consolidation characteristics:
The treated fabric has excellent resistance to washing performance, waterproof performance of AATCC 22 in 20-30 times of water washing is still maintained at 4 level and above, AATCC 118 oil proof performance is still maintained at 5 level and above. In the leading position in the market at present the similar processing.
Processing lint products, style and feeling will not change suede.
After finishing products do not contain PFOS, PFOA and other harmful substances.
Water, soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil and other stains fall after three treated cloth will form small liquid ball a dew in daily life, only with a paper towel and gently wipe, you can easily remove.
Water can do alone, or while doing waterproof and oil processing.
No damage to the permeability function
Three functions of products on the market are produced by padding, cannot make the fabric with single side effect, also cannot make the fabric to achieve specific functions of both sides, and the production process, finally is through the roller to go wet to liquid and drying. Will destroy the physical properties and fabric itself, cannot be processed at the higher requirements of the fabric.
Common three functions of the application product:
Three fabric products widely used: if the restaurant tablecloths, aprons, sofa sets / face, curtains, wall cloth, outdoor supplies.
Is also very suitable for frequent contact with mineral oil and special work, animal and plant oil workers wearing clothes.

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