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The Influence Factors of Textile Antistatic Performance

2015-11-27 10:09 | writer: admin

Production method of antistatic fabrics are fabric finish, fiber chemical modification and weave conductive yarn three. With the continuous development of conductive fiber technology and perfect, in the fabric of conductive fiber is an ideal implant method of antistatic performance accepted to improve the textile. Implantation of conductive fibers are mainly: (1) mixing method, conductive fiber in natural fiber or chemical fiber blended in certain proportion, antistatic fabrics textile processing; (2) composite method of network, will organic conductive fiber and conventional network wire, composite, arranged on the antistatic fabric in the interval; (3) direct and legitimate: is conductive yarn and polyester network wire and twist, arranged in antistatic fabric interval. Methods (2) and (3) the prepared fabric called embedded anti static fabric. Embedded antistatic fabric has a variety of convenience, strong adaptability, can according to the requirements of the antistatic properties of specific products, flexible adjustment of conductive yarn spacing, meeting the requirements of special work environment, therefore to embedded antistatic fabric to create a more broad space for development.
The antistatic properties of fabric is mainly related with the following aspects:
(1) the fabric body yarn material than the resistance on the antistatic property of the high significant influence, should be based on the antistatic fabric using environmental requirements, antistatic performance requires the selection of appropriate materials subject yarn.
(2) effect of conductive yarn material on the antistatic property of the fabric is remarkable, conductive yarn material selection must be antistatic properties to base fabric physical properties and product requirements as the basis.
(3) the antistatic properties of fabric is determined by the subject of yarn material and conductive yarn material. Constitute the basis of main yarn material fabric specific resistance, quality and conductive yarn matching too high ratio resistance cannot, with conductive yarn excellent conductivity, can be very good to reduce the friction of fabric static voltage, so that it can meet the requirements of anti-static special working environment.
(4) under the same condition of the other parameters, conductive yarn on the work surface exposed, antistatic effect is good.
(5) from lower costs, reduce the complexity of the weaving machine into account, conductive yarn in warp or weft distribution in fabrics is meshed distribution as well.
(6) fabric and tightness on antistatic properties affect the fabric is not significant, but there is a certain effect on the content of conductive yarn fabric. Conductive yarn high content, good antistatic properties of fabrics.

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