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USA Flame Retardant Fabric Standard

2015-12-07 10:22 | writer: admin

1.CA-117 is a widely used disposable fire standards in America, does not require through the water after the test, for most American textiles export.
2.CS-191 is the 2 door America general service standard for fire protection, emphasize long-term fire performance and comfort. The processing technology is often the two step synthetic method or multi-step synthesis method, technical content and high added value profit.
3 NFPA-701, 703 is a standard USA Fire Protection Association announced the fire, hanging fabric suitable for public places such as curtains do not require water. The adsorption of stem volume, feeling of physicochemical index requirements at the same time test.
4 The full name of TB-603 BHFTI CTB-603 in 2005 01 Sept. 01 implemented in the United states. Mainly used for mattress, bedding and other bedding. Methods of test for: a mattress is complete (Chuang Ru) combustion numerical method for testing exothermic big room.
5 NFPA261.94 is suitable for furniture covering fabric, including sofa etc..
6 FAR25-83 aircraft inner decoration fabric fire standard required.

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