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British Flame Retardant Fabric Standard

2015-12-09 10:50 | writer: admin

1. BS7177 (BS5807) is suitable for the British public places furniture and mattress fabric. The fire performance of special requirements, the test mode is strictly. The fire was classified into grade 0~7 eight fire, respectively corresponding to low, moderate, high and very high risk four fire rating.
2.BS7175 is suitable for the hotel, entertainment and other personnel intensive places a permanent fire standards. Testing requirements through the Schedule 4 Part 1 Schedule 5 Part 1 and two or more test fire.
3.BS7176 is suitable for furniture covering fabric, fireproof requirement and washable, requirements of fabric and filling the same time up to Schedule 4 Part 1, Schedule 5 Part 1 and smoke density and toxicity test index test. Is more than BS7175 (BS5852) as a gasket seat fireproof standards strictly.
4.Bed sheets and pillow textile BS5452 is suitable for public places in England and all imports of furniture, requirements after 50 times washing or dry cleaning can effectively fire.
5.BS5438 series: BS5722 UK children's pajamas; British BS5815.3 British BS6249.1B curtains bedding.

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