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The Development Trend of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

2015-12-11 08:53 | writer: admin

Development of flame retardant textiles standards currently has the following three aspects: increasing the number and type of requirement of internationalization and series, comprehensive performance and multiplicity and standard.
Flame retardant textile performance test method in China and most countries of the world have to international standards (ISO) approach, some is directly used, some with equal or equivalent; in the product standards to the internationalization and seriation. China's fire department has been one step ahead, performance requirements and test methods of general protective clothing, firefighters fire insulation suits, fire entry suit and fire anti chemical clothes four products formed industrial standards.
In the comprehensive performance requirements and multiplicity, textile products standard addition flame retardant requirements, has applicability to aspects of development, such as clothing fabrics have a strong, breathable (wet), stiffness, shrinkage, color and toxicity and other requirements. In addition, depending on the use of the environment to increase the special protective performance requirements, welding service to increase anti molten metal droplet impact requirements, the fire service to increase the radiation resistance and waterproof requirements, petrochemical and coal used in protective clothing to increase the antistatic requirement.
Our country existing flame retardant fabrics and products manufacturing enterprises more than 100, with an annual output of tens of meters of flame retardant fabric and millions of pieces of clothing, the application field of metallurgy, chemical, oil has been included, forestry, fire, electricity, coal, construction and transportation industries. In 1997, revised the three testing methods and two product standards, with the standard production, to ensure that the needs of product quality and development of new products, textile flame retardant standards will rapidly increase in the number and type of.

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