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Fire Advantage Analysis of Flame Retardant Materials

2015-12-16 08:41 | writer: admin

1. Stop the fire spreading flame retardant materials, to win the rescue time
Flame retardant materials not completely does not burn, but not easy to burn, capable of tens of minutes or even hours fire, slow fire spread speed, for the firemen to win the precious rescue time.
With the progress of the times, the development of economy and the expanding of city, more and more many-storied buildings stands up, the attendant, is the fire safety problems can not be ignored. Tall buildings like the towering chimneys, the fire spread rapidly especially, coupled with the development of the ladder machinery manufacturing miss the high-level, high-rise building has more than 300 meters, the cloud
The ladder is not possible so high, hinder firefighters fire rescue operations. In the industry, a tall building is called "disaster amplifier", once the fire, especially big losses.
2. Flame retardant materials reduce toxic smoke, reduce casualties
The fire, due to incomplete combustion will produce lots of toxic smoke, toxic gas is one of the important reasons for the fire of the dead. The flame retardant materials can be realized at the same time, flame retardant and smoke suppression and attenuated effects, does not produce the products of combustion are extremely toxic or unusual. Fire safety of flame retardant materials in many ways than the non flame retardant of similar materials must be high, the former combustion, generating amount of smoke and toxic gases can also lower than the latter.

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