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Details of The Flame Retardant Overalls

2015-12-18 08:26 | writer: admin

Flame retardant overalls is one of the most widely used species in the application of individual protective equipment, protective principle of flame retardant clothing is mainly take the heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonation isolation shielding effect, the protection of workers against fire or heat damage.
Flame retardant overalls with fabric in the burning speed of the flame retardant fiber fabric is greatly decreased, the fire away immediately after the self extinguishing, and the combustion part rapid carbonization and does not produce melting, dripping or piercing, give people time to evacuate the scene of burning or stripped off his burning clothes, reduce or avoid burn and scald, achieve the purpose of protection.
Flame retardant technology of the defense in depth form, so that the fire can not spread and disappear into the void, it is important to reduce fire accidents to avoid burns and damage is of great significance and is widely used in industrialized countries.
Characteristics of fire retardant overalls
1. Flame retardant overalls with fire resistant fiber, can be used in high heat, flame, arc and other dangerous situations, at a high temperature does not melt, and the molten droplet combustion.
2. Adding P140 carbon fibre core, so that the fabric has antistatic ability.
3. All fabric by treatment of fluorocarbon, waterproof, oil proof, to stain easily except.

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