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Proban Treated Ctton Flame Retardant Anti-static Fabrics

2015-12-23 08:36 | writer: admin

Proban treated cotton flame retardant anti-static fabric is to use special Proban process,using proban process not only can  ffectively prevent the spread of flame, and also can protect the fabric of the original performance requirements, the fabric has good washing performance, non-toxic, no smell, safe to human body; with flame retardant function and with anti-static performance is good; flame retardant antistatic clothing fabric choice.
The characteristics of:
1 Proban process, flame retardancy and excellent antistatic properties
2 good washing performance, wash up to 50-100 times, anti-static superior performance, can be used permanently
3 Fabric made of full color, clothing appearance
4 soft and comfortable fabric, moisture permeability, is the most widely application field of flame retardant cotton type fabric
5 in strict accordance with the flame retardant protective clothing health and safety performance requirements of GB 8965-2009 standard and EN ISO11611/EN ISO11612/EN14116 NFPA2112/IEC 61482-1-2/EN1149-3 /EN 1149-5 standard.

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