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High Visibility Fluorescent Fabric

2015-12-28 08:16 | writer: admin

Fluorescent fabric refers to the ordinary fabric by fluorescent staining or coating after finishing with a strong effect of reflective fabric. The use of fluorescent fabric can make a very distant goal in the dark or strongly reflected light to play a good preventive effect and safety warning.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile production of cotton fluorescent fabric soft, make the wearer to experience the comfortable feeling, fluorescence function and increased at the same time, on this basis, improves the safety coefficient of the wearer.
International testing report can also meet the European standard EN471. The fabric is imported dyes and auxiliaries for dyeing process, both environmental protection and has the effect of bright colors.
High visibility fluorescent fabric we produced can be used for the production of all kinds of clothes, the color is bright, comfortable to wear. Also on this basis can also increase the flame retardant, antistatic, oil and water repellent effect and so on.

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