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The Application of Proban Flame Retardant Fabric

2015-12-30 08:49 | writer: admin

Ordinary cotton fabric overalls in the face of the flame can easily lead to combustion, which will bring a serious risk of direct to the wearer, American Able coated aluminum insulation clothing series first began to use Proban (proba) flame retardant fabric used for insulation clothing folder, double insulated made security service, guarantee the safety and protection of workers doubled.
Is made by Proban process of the flame retardant fabric and its flame retardant properties is very outstanding, combustion does not produce only charring, perforation, shrinkage and melting, dripping phenomenon. In the Proban flame retardant fabric with ordinary cotton fabric overalls comparative combustion experiments, at the same time in contact with the flame for 15 seconds after the cessation of Proban flame retardant fabric, at this time no longer burning, while the ordinary cotton fabrics will continue to burn, 2 minutes after the latter completely burnt out fabric. This is just a contrast experiment, in practice the latter will on the wearer to cause more serious damage.
Proban flame retardant fabric not only excellent performance, but also very breathable, wear very comfortable. The sweat absorbent breathable, soft features, so that the fabric is very suitable as a flame retardant protective metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, fire and other clothing and daily work clothes.
The Proban processing of flame retardant fabric has been in the national industrial and civil fields has been very widely used, in the iron and steel factory, glass factory, forging and casting factory, and all possible flame work situations, Proban play a good flame-retardant property, provide users more security. In addition, in the hospital, hotel, airport, railway, ships and other public places, Proban is often used to make work uniforms and bed sheets, curtains and other corresponding requirements for flame retardant products.

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