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The Influence Factors of Acrylic Flame Retardant Fabric Dyeing

2016-01-06 08:46 | writer: admin

Acrylic fiber chemical structure of flame retardant fabric: acidic group content not only directly related to fiber dyeing saturation value, but also affect the rate of diffusion of dye in the fiber. The high content of acidic groups, the diffusion rate is faster.
The supramolecular structure of acrylic flame retardant fiber: supramolecular structure characteristics of acrylic fiber determines the fiber dyeing are sensitive to temperature. The dyeing temperature below the glass transition temperature of the fibre, because the molecular chain segment almost no movement, dyeing rate is slow, when the glass transition temperature of dyeing temperature reaches the fiber, the movement of molecular chain, a CN molecule between molecular chain contraction force eliminating, spiral, since there is no crystal area support, produce a large number of instant hole, dyeing rate increases sharply.
Fiber production in the process of heat treatment temperature and drawing condition has great influence on the rate of diffusion of dye in the fiber.
The rate of diffusion of cationic dyes in polyacrylonitrile fiber is increased with the increasing of the concentration of the dyes on fibers.
Acrylic flame retardant fabric of different (acidic groups in the molecule content or different), the fiber dyeing saturation value is also different, but for a specific fiber, the dyeing saturation value is a constant.

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