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Flame Retardant Antistatic Fabric

2016-01-11 09:05 | writer: admin

Flame retardant antistatic fabric antistatic standards is the implementation of the EN1149-3, the flame retardant is the EN11612 standard. Flame retardant antistatic fabric from development and promotion since, through the national labor protection supplies quality test center of antistatic fabric inspection and British authoritative testing organizations BTTG49-3 anti-static standard test. The anti-static wire first adopted the use of foreign advanced is conductive fiber.
Application field:
In the petroleum, chemical, coal, gas station, gas station, oil and other flammable and explosive industry, EN11611 flame retardant antistatic fabric's anti-static clothing material essential. EN11611 flame retardant antistatic fabric after washing 100 times the charge density is less than 7 mu c/m2, strong durability, good antistatic performance, electrostatic effects are small, not easy dust, has a certain anti fouling, easy to wash.

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