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The Classification of The Industrial Anti-static Overalls

2016-01-13 08:42 | writer: admin

Antistatic clothing can be divided into anti-static overalls and clean anti-static overalls for industrial use.
1. Anti-static Protective Clothing
Mainly used in petrochemical, oil tanker, oil depot, port weapon medicine and other places with dangerous goods, prevent the occurrence of clothing or human body electrostatic discharge caused the explosion, fire accident.
2. Anti-static Overalls
Mainly used in electronic communication and other factories and industries, ESD product manufacturing, assembly workshop and computer room, to protect the product from damage and avoid instrument due to electrostatic interference caused by fault action.
3. Clean Anti-static Overalls
Mainly used in electronics, medicine, food, biological engineering with requirements of clean production environment, it besides the above second kinds of antistatic effect, also can avoid because of electrostatic dust or shielding body produce dust enters the working space, influence the quality of products.

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