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Research and Development of Flame Retardant Fabric Overalls

2016-01-15 09:12 | writer: admin

The fire in the civilization of mankind, to victory at the same time, but also to human beings caused disaster. While the buildings and residential fires are composed of fiber products as the original igniter and spread to become a fire. Polymer materials most easy to burn, fiber materials because of their large surface area, than the homogeneous dense objects more prone to burning. A part of the fiber will produce toxic gases poisoning or suffocation caused by people during combustion.
Our country has in flame retardant overalls R & D problems at present: flame retardant fiber production technology is relatively backward, the essence of flame retardant fiber, although there are aramid fiber and high performance fiber, but the price is high, the majority of enterprise users to accept; for finishing flame retardant fabric is more difficult to take into account the flame-retardant effect and washing durability, handle and the comprehensive performance of comfort; flame retardant textile products in the wearability and structural design more stay through overalls level in general, designers are still focused on flame retardancy, paid no attention to comfort, convenience and appearance. In fact, any piece of flame retardant protective clothing, in its lifetime, a real encounter high temperature flame opportunity is not much, but if the flame retardant overalls wearing uncomfortable, users may choose not to wear the protective clothing, this time will be caused once the fire, loss of protective function.
So in the present conditions, design and development of a low-cost, high performance, both comfort and flame retardant properties of the flame retardant fabric clothing is very necessary.

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