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Properties of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

2016-01-18 08:16 | writer: admin

1, Flame retardant protective clothing used flame retardant fiber, can be used for the dangerous situation of high fever, flame, arc, melting, combustion and droplet phenomenon can not be generated at high temperature;
2, Conductive fiber, the flame retardant protective clothing more with antistatic property;
3, Flame retardant protective clothing after treatment of fluorocarbon, the waterproof, oil proof, stain easily in addition to the three effect;
4, Flame retardant protective clothing washable, can reach 100 times of washing over protective performance of fabric, not lower, with good stability;
5, Flame retardant protective clothing is more acid and alkali resistant, anti corrosion, high strength, friction resistant properties, service life 6 times more than the general uniform or the protection of treated cotton uniforms;
6, Good air permeability, light weight, soft and comfortable.

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