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Present Status of Flame Retardant Technology in China

2016-01-20 08:54 | writer: admin

Flame retardant technology development and international flame retardant technology development level of our country is still a certain gap, mainly for the:
1, The flame retardant technology research started late in our country.The fifties last century in our country to carry out the research on the one hand, until the eighty s, the flame retardant technology in China to get faster, more comprehensive, the development of the system.Due to the joint of the has been a lack of university and research and development, our country for energy efficient, non-toxic, no migration, high temperature resistant, good processing properties of new type flame retardant research starting point is still low.
2, The flame retardant standards need to be improved. China has initially established a series of flame retardant products national standards, such as GB20286-2006 flame retardant products national standards ", the Ministry of public security fire retardant products identity management measures", but only limited to combustion performance requirements of flame retardant materials itself, has yet to establish a unified national standard flame retardant. The development, the production and consumption structure of flame retardant is not reasonable, flame retardant, less varieties, the quality of instability, low technology content, due to the lack of legislation and corresponding measures of fire retardant products, the market has not yet been effectively develop.
3, The comprehensive advantages of performance, price, environmental protection three aspects of low. An ideal flame retardant is best can also meet the high flame retardant efficiency, low toxicity, good compatibility, high stability, adequate sources of raw materials, simple manufacturing process, low price and not too much worse by the processing properties of flame retardant base material and final product physics performance requirements. With the environmental regulations become more stringent, many halogenated flame retardants due to the high toxicity of high temperature decomposition, the international market has received the strict limit. Because our country has yet to have a clear legislative requirements, many new products are low-end market impact, high cost, low production, R & D enthusiasm hit, leading to the international market competition ability is not strong.

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