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Characteristics of Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric

2016-01-22 08:45 | writer: admin

Aramid fabric called "poly phenylene two benzoyl two of benzene amine", English is Aramid fiber, is a new high-tech synthetic fiber, which has the insulation and anti aging performance is good, with very long cycle life.
1, Good mechanical properties
Aramid fabric is a kind of flexible polymer, the fracture strength is higher than ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon fabric, larger elongation, soft hand feeling, good spinnability, can be produced into different size and length of fiber and filament, made of different yarn woven into the fabric, non-woven fabric, after finishing, meet different areas of the protective fabric or garment requirements.
2, Excellent flame resistance, heat resistance
The limiting oxygen index of aramid fabric (LOI) greater than 28, so when it leaves the flame will not continue to burn. The flame retardant properties of aramid fiber is determined by its chemical structure, is a permanent flame retardant fiber, flame retardant properties will not decrease or loss due to the use of time and washing times. Aramid fabric has good thermal stability, the high temperature of 205 DEG C can be used continuously, can remain high at more than 205 DEG C under the condition of high temperature strength. Meta aramid fiber has a higher decomposition temperature, and does not melt, melt drops under the conditions of high temperature, when the temperature higher than 370 DEG C at the beginning of carbonization.
3, Durability
Aramid good resistance to abrasion and chemical resistance properties, after 100 times washing, with aramid processing fabric tearing strength can still reach the original strength of more than 85%.
Aramid fiber thermal resistance than aramid, continuous use temperature range of -196 to 204 DEG C, in 560 Deg. C does not decompose, does not melt. Para aramid most remarkable characteristic is the high strength, high modulus, the strength of greater than 25 g / D, is the high quality steel products of 5 ~ 2 times 6 times, 3 times the strength of glass fiber, nylon industrial yarn; modulus is a high-quality steel or fiberglass 10 ~ 2 times 3 times, high strength nylon industrial yarn.
Aramid pulp is of aramid fiber surface fibrillation after they get, its unique surface structure greatly improves the mixture of grabbing force, thus well suited as a friction and sealing products in the application of reinforced fiber.
4, Stable chemical properties
The properties of aramid fabric has excellent resistance to most chemicals, most of the high concentration of inorganic acid resistance, alkali resistance and good performance under normal temperature.
5, Radiation resistance
Aramid fabric radiation resistant performance is very excellent. For example, in the long time irradiation of 1.2 * 10-2 w/in2 UV and 1.72 x 108rads gamma rays, its strength remain unchanged.

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