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The Difference Between Fire Retardant Fabric and Flame Retardant Fabric

2016-01-25 08:31 | writer: admin

The general said the fire flame retardant fabric fabric is difficult to burn, but the higher level of flame retardant fabric can be called fire fabric, such as asbestos cloth, glass cloth.
The flame retardant fabric refers to the fabric can be ignited the fire, but before leaving the fire 12 seconds can be self extinguishing fabric. Flame retardant fabric can slow combustion speed, but will produce carbonization phenomenon.
Commonly used flame retardant fabric into flame retardant fabric after treatment and after treatment of raw materials, mainly for flame retardant fabric: Cotton flame retardant fabric, flame retardant fabric, CVC C88/N12 cotton flame retardant fabric etc..
The raw material of flame retardant mainly: Aramid flame retardant fabric, acrylic flame retardant fabric etc..

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