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Characteristics and Parameters of Flame Retardant Clothing

2016-01-27 08:35 | writer: admin

Technology fire-retardant clothing mainly has two kinds, one kind is the acceleration of flame retardant fiber dehydration carbonization make combustible material reduces flame retardant fabric, such as Indura and Proban on ammonia processing cotton processing; another is through a chemical process to change the inner structure of fabric fiber, reducing the combustible components, inflaming retarding for example, Nomex, PBI and PR-97TM etc. Its with flame retardant properties of fiber.
Characteristics of fire retardant clothing
1, Fabric with flame resistant fiber, can be used in high heat, flame, arc and other dangerous situations, at a high temperature does not melt.
2, Combustion and droplet
3, Adding P140 carbon core fiber, make the fabric more with antistatic ability.
4, All fabric by treatment of fluorocarbon, waterproof, oil proof, achieve the effect of easy removing stains. Or the use of hydrophilic treatment to increase evaporation in a hot climate, improving the wearing comfort.
5, Protective fabric whether washing (or commercial washing), the protective performance of fabric will not reduce, good structure stability.
6, Acid and alkali resistant, anti corrosion, high strength, wear resistance, service life 6 times more than the general uniform or the protection of treated cotton uniforms.
7, Good air permeability, light weight, soft and comfortable
Characteristics and technical parameters of flame retardant clothing.
Flame retardant protective clothing with around the body, has the following characteristics and technical parameters
Use convenient, durable and safe insulation button. The upper part of the body of fire retardant protective clothing is safe and convenient pocket, cuffs are adjustable button configuration. In the style is generally 3 tight type: tight cuffs, neckline, trouser mouth; general firefighters used for 4 layer flame retardant clothing, and general industrial usually 1 layer.
Flame retardant material, strong flexibility, comfortable to wear. Wide range of application, whether the pipeline workers or pull workers, can provide the most effective protection.

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