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Aramid Fabric Principle

2016-01-29 08:54 | writer: admin

Aramid fabric compared with finishing fire retardant textiles, aramid fiber is a kind of itself with the flame retardant efficiency of textiles, the flame retardant effect of durability, no smell, not by the residue of flame retardant finishing of injury and processing aid agent caused fabric embrittlement.
Itself has a fiber flame retardant efficiency including aromatic polyamide, polyamide aromatic heterocycles, polybenzimidazole (PBI), poly p-phenylene benzoxazole and two benzene (PBO), polyamide imide, of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), poly (PSA) and other aromatic resistant and flame retardant fiber; melamine fiber such thermosetting phenolic fibers, a three-dimensional crosslinked fiber; by copolymerization modification, flame retardant AN-VDC copolymer fiber by blending modification of flame retardant viscose fiber, flame vinylon, flame retardant polyester, flame retardant nylon etc.. The synthesis of flame retardant polyester fiber, flame retardant, flame retardant polypropylene fiber polyamide by blending flame retardants modified droplet problems exist, so its application is limited. The flame retardant viscose, flame vinylon and modacrylic is no droplet problem. Modacrylic disadvantage is low strength, and the combustion smoke more.
The international mainstream of flame retardant products have the following two kinds of classical collocation:
(1) The Kermel fiber by using liquid coloring technology and flame retardant viscose to 50/50 blending ratio of blended fabric, is the main high temperature flame retardant protective clothing resistant to European police, firefighters;
(2) With Nomex as the representative of the Aramid 1313 pure spinning or and flame retardant cotton fiber blended (65/35), is the main flame retardant fabric USA, Japan army. PBI consists of America NASA development, used for heat resistant fireproof material sealing warehouse space. Because of its high moisture regain, it gradually developed into the fire service, high temperature resistant overalls, flight suit of flame retardant materials. The flame retardancy of PBO are particularly good, and reaching strength of aramid 1414 nearly 2 times, LOI up to 68, almost does not produce soot after heating. PSA is one of China's own research and development and application of flame retardant fiber, the heat resistance, flame retardant, melting, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance and other properties can reach or close to the Nomex fiber, filter, in our country the motor insulation material, flame retardant protective clothing and other aspects have been applied.
At present our country has been able to production of Aramid 1313, flame retardant viscose, flame vinylon and modacrylic.

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