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Progress of Study on Antistatic Fabric

2016-02-01 08:50 | writer: admin

When the two kinds of solid material contact and quickly leave, process of two surfaces in close contact with each other and the friction contact occurs a series of separation, transfer caused by the electrical charge in the surface of objects, one kind of material has larger adsorption capacity of the electron and the electronic transfer to its surface, obtain the electronic surface has a negative charge, while the surface of another object due to the loss of electron and a positive charge, resulting in electrostatic phenomena.
Electrostatic as a near field of natural hazard, to the human society has caused significant loss and damage. Fiber and its products in the production process and use of the process, due to static electricity generated by friction, stretching, compression, peeling and the electric field induction and hot air drying factors. Although the static current is very small, will not pose a threat to human life, but to the people of production and processing process and taking a lot of inconvenience.
The use of synthetic fibre is made into sheets, blankets or car seat cushion, people through friction immediately after the contact metal knob, there will be a certain degree of electric shock. In dry climates, stripped of synthetic fiber clothes, will hear the ringing "crackling" sound, if in the dark, you can also see sparks.
The discharge voltage is very high, and the discharge power is smaller, although direct danger will not bring, but it causes discomfort and trouble to the people, also has the possibility therefore indirectly caused the accident. To produce static friction in the condition of chemical fiber, serious electrostatic than natural fibers more. But even if is a natural fiber, in winter and low humidity environment, fiber and its products will produce static electricity.
A manifestation of wearing clothes made of synthetic fiber from electrostatic interference is outstanding is wrapping phenomenon, such as skirts because of electrostatic attraction wound leg, in a dry climate conditions polyester skirts, and even make people walking difficult. Wearing such clothing and activities of the flammable and explosive gases in the surrounding environment, there is a certain degree of risk, will cause fire and explosion. Another feature of the charged after clothing is very easy to absorb dust.
Chemical fiber fabrics in the use process and wiping with static electricity, easy to absorb dust in the air. The dust adsorption, is not easy to fall. Wearing without synthetic fiber clothing antistatic processing, not only easy to absorb ash fouling, other clothing will stain closely wearing, or even to make human body skin quickly contamination.
To reduce or even avoid static electricity hazards must adopt anti-static measures, premise for the study of these measures is must first understand the generation mechanism or process of electrostatic.

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