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Progress of Research and Development of Flame Retardant Textiles in China

2016-02-16 08:23 | writer: admin

1, Flame Retardant Textile Products
In recent years, China has made considerable progress in the technology of flame retardant textiles. China Textile Science Research Institute has successfully developed the PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch, flame resistant antistatic composite soluble material, safe non-toxic viscose blended flame retardant products such as scientific research achievements; take Shanghai synthetic fiber research institute, Shanghai Textile Research Institute, China Textile University and Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Shanxi Textile Research Institute of project of "preparation" pre oxygen wire flame retardant fabric through the identification of a series of excellent performance, and long-term use or after repeated ironing, sun washed, permanent flame retardant fiber properties remain unchanged and its series of fabric has begun a comprehensive listing, make our country become the world a few can produce permanent flame retardant products country.
2, Flame Retardant
At present, China has developed a series of complete varieties, novel flame retardant agent with excellent performance. Beijing Foms limited production of "driving the Vulcan" flame retardant fabric can be used for cotton and other natural cellulose fabric and woolen velvet, acrylic, polyester, vinylon fiber products and all kinds of by the fiber blended fabric products. In addition, Jilin Jihua Group Company Institute, Shanxi chemical fiber, Liaoning Institute of chemical industry has developed a series of flame retardant textiles.
3, The Formulation of Relevant Laws and Regulations and Standards
There is a great boost laws and regulations, strict requirements on the flame retardant technology development. With the rapid development of textile flame retardant technology, in the formulation of flame retardant textile testing standards and methods at the same time, in 1995 the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of internal trade and Textile Association jointly issued a "notice" on the active promotion of flame retardant fabric and strengthen the supervision and management of production and operation work, "on the production of flame retardant fabric manufacturers and business units, individual registration for production, fire retardant products, must be approved by the national testing agencies qualified shall be allowed to ex factory sales. "Textile association according to the joint notice spirit and issued a notice, further puts forward the unified flame-retardant decorative fabric flame retardant performance test method and quality evaluation standards, specify the flame retardant decorative fabric products quality supervision and inspection agencies and recommended fixed-point flame retardant decorative fabric products production enterprises and other measures. From 2001 onwards, the relevant state ministries and commissions are analyzed and the application status of domestic flame retardant technology, and proposes to strengthen the perfection of flame retardant technology and products of the laws and regulations system, therefore, promulgated a series of laws and regulations and relevant standards. Such as the Ministry of public security fire department organization set mandatory national standard GB20286-2006 "flame retardant products of combustion performance requirements of public places and mark". In March 1, 2007 July 1, 2008 the formal implementation, enforcement. The regulations of public places with flame retardant products and components, definition and classification, the combustion performance requirements and marking content.

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