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Waterproof and Moisture Permeable Fabric Classification of Polyester

2016-02-20 08:31 | writer: admin

Waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics mainly has the following three kinds of polyester:
(1) The Water Repellent Finishing of High Density Fabric
Waterproof fabric close type is used to change the fabric structure and achieve the purpose of waterproof and moisture permeable. This kind of fabric is waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics in the early development of success, the mechanism is: the water vapor in the yarn gap between the simple diffusion; capillary between fiber bundles passing; diffusion in single fiber between. Close type waterproof fabric now, mostly using superfine polyester fiber as raw material, this kind of fabric, yarn, fiber between between closely spaced, so that the fabric is made on the water repellent finishing condition, water pressure up to 104-1O5Pa. At the same time, capillary formation fiber yarn, due to the capillary effect, can be very good to transport water vapor.
Compact fabric has the advantages of simple preparation process, is mainly the change of yarns and filament fineness, clothing drape made good, good moisture permeability. But the fabric water pressure is low, which greatly limits its scope of application.
(2) Laminated Fabric
Laminated fabric is also called paste film type waterproof and moisture permeable fabric, it is the functional film is pasted onto the fabric, such fabric according to the functional film used can be divided into three categories: microporous membrane type, dense hydrophilic membrane, microporous hydrophilic binding membrane. Adhesive here also plays an important role, there are two main types of binder: moisture permeable, continuous coating; not breathable, only to the dot of adhesive, not to undermine this kind of fabric moisture permeability, the most successful, the most famous is the American company W.L.Gore Gore-Tex fabric, it is currently on the market recognized the most advanced of waterproof and moisture permeable fabric, it is the use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous membrane and fabric are compounded, because the preparation of microporous membranes need special equipment and technology, product processing difficulty, high cost, the price of the clothes is expensive, its soft, drape, not too satisfactory.
(3) Coated Fabrics
Coating method refers to the fabric directly or indirectly by coating, so that the fabric is waterproof, breathable generated through the micropore structure or make it hydrophilic and get. It can be divided into three types: microporous coating, hydrophilic coating, microporous hydrophilic binding method.
The production process of coated fabrics low cost, hydrophilic coating with water as the solvent, low cost, less pollution, hydrophilic coating can be made by traditional process. But the method of coating with organic solvent system, the solvent recovery equipment cost is higher, and easy to cause environmental pollution. Fabric coating treatment, drape and flexibility becomes poor, waterproof poor durability, attachment fastness.

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