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Properties of The Textiles of UV Radiation

2016-02-22 08:30 | writer: admin

Research on the performance of UV radiation textiles,we need to consider various factors:fiber factor,factor of fabric structure (thickmess,weight,tightness),factor of fabric surface,and so on.In actual use, also washing,rain,friction and wind blowing such as various factors,all influence the actual effect of textiles resisting UV radiaton
The influence of different fiber against uv radiation
A variety of different fiber's ability to absorb UV is completely different,the transmitance of UV radiation is also different.and the same kind of fiber has different transmittance for different wavelenghts of UV radiation. Polyester fiber has different transmittance at various wavelengths period.The transmittance has a sharply increscent trend in the two wave band of 301-320nm and 355-375nm.This transmittance has the performance of increscent appearance,for different fiber is different condition.When the UV radiation transmttance of Polyester fiber and wool fiber is lower,the higher SPF (UPF).When the UV radiation transmttance of Cotton fiber and viscose fiber is higher,the lower SPF (UPF).Ace mo (ESMO) fiber is treated by special uv protection, so the transmittance is very low.

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