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The Finishing Process of Textiles

2016-02-24 10:29 | writer: admin

1, General arrangement:
A. Touch finishing: (1) feel is hard, pretty.A lot of deal with cotton, linen.(2) feel is soft, can add softener and washed.
B. Stereotypes finishing: (1) stenter.(2) preshrinking: cotton (washing shrinkage) washing in advance after preshrinking make the size of the fabric more stable.
C: Appearance finishing: (1) calender (calender) fabrics luster, fabrics can harden after calender.(2) proceeded to rolling with pressure rod.(3) whitening and brightening agent.
2, Special treatment: fabric prior to join in the corresponding auxiliary agent, or through the coating machine using the corresponding paint coating processing.
A. Waterproof processing: one way is to use the coating machine on the fabric coating a layer of waterproof material or coating;Another way is before fabric stenter waterproofing agent processing.
B. Flame retardant treatment: expected to reach the effect was to make the fabric no open flame, when cigarette butts thrown on fabric reaches a certain size automatically extinguished.
C. Anti-fouling prevent oil processing: the same principle as a waterproof, antifouling coating a layer of the corresponding oil material.
D. Mildew antibacterial treatment: coating, ceramic powder can be used to do processing enzymes, antibacterial effect.
E. UV resistance: the use of silk in the UV resistance is to prevent the silk protein fiber damage, and make the silk yellowing, other products for the ultraviolet ray in the sun.Terms used: UV - CUT
F. Infrared treatment: including infrared ray and infrared absorption, resistance to achieve different effects.
G. Antistatic treatment: the concentration of electrostatic dispersion, is not easy to produce sparks.
Other special treatment: Fragrance, taste (effective) treatment, nutritional treatment, radiation treatment, resin (the crease resistant cotton fabric softness, silk), wash and wear process, reflective processing, luminous, sanded, fuzz (fleece) processing, etc.

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