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Method of Fabric Antistatic

2016-02-26 08:41 | writer: admin

Remove the fabric electrostatic is generally divided into physical method and chemical method is two.
1, physical anti electrostatic method
The use of electric series of fiber, the fiber of opposite charge neutralization to eliminate or weaken the electrostatic capacity, such as polyester cotton blended;
The oil increase lubricity fiber can reduce friction during processing, such as adding oil agent in synthetic fiber spinning process;
The static charge size, dielectric constant depends on the fabric between the fiber medium, dielectric constant numerical bigger, more easily escape powder electrostatic. Therefore, the fiber between air increase run moderate to improve inter fiber dielectric constant can reduce the charge, such as the raising machine spray to wet to eliminate static electricity etc..
The relative humidity can also through the ground to lead to electrostatic fiber or the increase of the working environment, such as by weaving workshop to wet to eliminate static electricity.
2, chemical antistatic method
Sorting to eliminate electrostatic antistatic agent.
The improved sort by hydrophilic nonionic surfactant or polymer material moisture absorption of fiber. Water has a very high conductivity, so as long as the absorption of a small amount of water, can significantly improve the conductive polymer materials. Therefore, antistatic finishing the main role is to improve the ability of absorption of fiber materials, improve the conductive performance, reduce electrostatic phenomena. Surface active agent, antistatic effect due to the adsorption layer is formed on the surface of the fiber, fiber hydrophobic and hydrophobic surface active agent in the adsorption layer in the attraction, while polar end pointing outward, so that the fiber hydrophilic surface strengthening, adsorption layer so easily because of the relative humidity of the air high in fiber and provided formed on the surface of water, so that the fiber surface specific resistance reducing. But this kind of finishing agent because of reducing the humidity in the air and affect its antistatic property.
The surface ionization surfactant or ionic polymer materials with ionic finishing. This kind of ionic finishing agent role, by the fiber surface water ionization occurs, with conductive performance, which can reduce the electrostatic accumulation. This finishing agent also has a water absorption, therefore, also has the relative humidity of air moisture absorption ability and its antistatic ability and in its.

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