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Textile Functional Finishing

2016-02-29 08:31 | writer: admin

Textile functional finishing has developed for decades. Each stage has some outstanding functional finishing published. With the improvement of living standards, but also increase the degree of concerned their quality of life and human environment protection. Textile industry forecast twenty-first Century textile functional finishing processing should be based on the safety and comfort, clean based.
1, Comfortable Processing
Key except for cigarette smoke smelly, heat storage and insulation, and cool feeling processing. And other functional finishing cross is antibacterial deodorant, deodorant, skin care, ultraviolet proof and mothproof processing processing.
2, Clean Processing
The key processing content is anti fouling, water absorbing antistatic processing. And other functional processing cross is antibacterial deodorant and antibacterial deodorization processing, processing and skin care process.
3, Security Processing
The key processing content is a skin care, electromagnetic wave shielding processing. And other functional machining cross is ultraviolet proof, mothproof processing and antibacterial deodorant antibacterial processing.
The above content involved about twelve kinds of processing. In addition to anti fouling processing and absorbing antistatic processing known outside, other ten functions and processing can be merged into the processing of seven kind of function, as follows. Of course, many function processing can occur simultaneously in a piece of fabric, the formation of multi function finishing.

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