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Oil Repellent Finishing of Fabric Problems

2016-03-02 08:24 | writer: admin

Fabric treated with fluorocarbon finishing initial has the very good effect of oil repellent, there is the problem of washing resistance and durability of oil repellent.
The real application, even when washing a fluorocarbon is not removed, oil repellent fabric after washing oil repellency decreased significantly. This is because the washing in the mechanical and detergent interaction of surfactant, molecular orientation in the film change containing fluorine, fluorine containing group moved to the inside of the fiber. In order to make the fluorine-containing groups back onto the fabric surface must give it energy, so the fabric after washing, drying temperature on oil repellency crucial.
Oil repellent function generally fluorine is by washing after heat treatment (such as ironing) to restore. The older generation of oil repellent finishing agent needs to be 70 to 80 DEG C, the present popular finishing agent requires 60 C (common temperature general rotary drum dryer), the new generation washing air drying (LAD) organic fluorine polymer, LAD technology uses the updated accelerator, fluorine acrylate and the function of amplifying agent promoting the combination of fluorine the side chain of stability, washing produce stable force to avoid the side chain lodging, thus ensuring the organic fluorine polymer orientation in the surface of the fabric will not change. So through the fabric of room temperature LAD treatment under drying can recover the oil repellency.
However, the current LAD organic fluorine polymer production less species, the price is high, still cannot meet the need of oil repellent finishing of development, it is necessary to continue the development of resistant fluorocarbon washing properties.

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