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The Finishing Process of The Basic Requirements of Finishing Agent

2016-03-04 08:38 | writer: admin

The finishing process, mostly with the fiber surface (outer surface and an inner surface modification on). On finishing agent, but it can impart the fabric of new functions, or the new surface features, but also require these functions as long as possible to keep. So the finishing agent is best can with a cellulose binding molecules produced by chemical bond, not easily fall off in the course of taking. 
Some consolidation has two functional groups on the molecule -- kind of agent, and fiber combination, another floating on the surface of the fiber, the changes of fiber surface properties. The structure and surface active agent is very similar, this kind of finishing agent can be said to be surface active agent in broad sense. According to the changes in surface properties of fiber after finishing, can put the finishing agent and finishing process is divided into several categories. For example, related to fiber surface wettability with water repellent finishing, finishing oil repellent finishing, associated with surface friction properties of fiber finishing with soft finish, smooth finish, and other special features of the hygienic finishing, aromatic finishing, flame retarding, antistatic finishing etc.. 
Obviously, not all finishing agent is this model. For example, shrink proof finishing, is to rely on the crosslinked resin; cellulase bio polishing finishing, and not in the fiber to add finishing agent, but through the reduction to achieve purpose. Polymer finishing agent is an important kind of finishing agent. It has better film characteristics, when it is coated fiber surface, forming a new surface, the surface features of the new generation. Molecular structure of polymer finishing agent for better performance in the group, there are many different functions, they and the main chain together, play no role, is own, become a multi-functional finishing agent.

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