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Protective Equipment Five Misunderstandings

2016-03-09 08:57 | writer: admin

Pay attention to production safety, strengthen individual protection is that every worker should have the idea of. To avoid harm of the harmful gas and noise in the process of the production, it would require that workers in the production of wear the appropriate protective equipment. Labor workers and enterprise management personnel should understand the following about personal protective equipment five misunderstandings.
Personal protective equipment belongs to the first level prevention in the part of comprehensive preventive measures of occupational hazards in. When the conditions of labour not to improve by improving the protective equipment, is the personal protective equipment is the main means of protection. Personal protective equipment protective overalls, protective shoes, protective gloves, protective masks and glasses, ear protectors, respiratory protective device and skin protective agent, using the shielding and absorbing and filtering effect, achieve the purpose of protection.
Many enterprises management personnel and workers there are several errors in the use of personal protective equipment:
1. Personal protective equipment can wear can not wear
The correlation of personal protective equipment can eliminate or influence, reduce the occupation disease risk factors on workers health regulations, the employer must provide to meet the requirements of protective equipment for workers, and workers have the obligation to wear protective equipment.
2. Shop without peculiar smell, can not wear personal protective equipment
Many of the harmful gas is colorless, odorless, tasteless, without any warning, not to feel. Even with the flavor, limitation and individual differences exist in sensory perception of the outside world. Therefore, excessive trust in feeling, may cause occupational poisoning.
3. Gauze mask can be used to dust
Ordinary gauze mask can not be used as a dust mask. Gauze mask we use now was cheap, summer sweat, warm in winter, but this masks (even 16 layers thick) cannot harm the door easily lead to pneumoconiosis respiratory dust, dust dust mask special needs.
4. Medical masks to gas
Surgical masks to prevent disease spread by droplets, but not filtering noxious gas. In view of the different toxicants, anti-virus masks with different filtering effect. General volatile organic gases can use activated carbon respirator.
5. Dust mask water reuse
The filter anti-dust masks are not washed. High efficient filter material used in anti-dust masks generally non-woven materials, some still rely on electrostatic dust charge filter respiratory fiber with. After washing the filter micro structure will be damaged, cracks, holes appear naked eye cannot see, electrostatic charge also will be a substantial loss, a serious decline in filtration performance.
Of course, personal protective equipment is not a panacea, any personal protective equipment limitations. It belongs to a kind of passive protection measures, and in any case they shall do a good job of engineering protection facilities, and active prevention of occupational diseases. In the selection of personal protective equipment, not only to pay attention to the protection effect, should also consider whether accord with the physiological requirements, when in use, the need to strengthen the management and maintenance, in order to achieve the desired effect of protection.

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