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The Application of Nano Technology in the Three Proof(WR OR SR) After Finish Treatment

2016-03-14 09:09 | writer: admin

1, Principle
Textile finishing action principle of nano self-cleaning lotus leaf based on rough surface of the lotus leaf, water on its surface is only part of the wax crystal hairy breast tumours in contact, significantly reduces the contact area of water and solid surface, the contact surface water and air to expand the product. The surface is very smooth objects, the contact angle of the drop is relatively small, the droplet rolling is more difficult, the contact area and dust scrap and surface, firm adhesion, hydrophobic particles are more likely to stick in such surface.
It is known from the above principle, the water repellent self-cleaning surfaces must have two conditions: the surface must be rough, but rough must be nanometer level or close to the nanometer level.
2, Application research on instance
Feng Aifen et al. Study on nano type of finishing agent (made from organic fluorine resin + nano materials) application performance, when finishing agent for 30g/L, the amount of crosslinking agent is 6g/L, is carried out according to the following procedure: two dip two rolling, 100 DEG, 150 DEG C dried baking 4min. The treated fabric has better effect, the water repellency of 100 points (the highest), oil repellent grade 8, refused to pollution as the 4 level (maximum of 5), after 10 times washing effect remained basically unchanged. At the same time, they are additive and other conventional three additives were compared and studied, think three additives performance three additives without nanometer material with nano material is excellent.
3, The problems in nano finishing
Nanometer finishing agent because of its fine particle size and with surface effect, small size effect and macroscopic quantum tunnel effect, and is an ideal fabric finishing agent, but nano finishing agent in textile production process also exist some problems, for example, nano finishing agent (Zinc Oxide) in the finishing process of agglomerate, thus losing nano characteristics; but also the existence of poor durability and security problem.

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