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Textile Anti-UV Finishing Research

2016-03-16 08:23 | writer: admin

(1) Many factors textile anti ultraviolet radiation performance, is the main factors of fiber, followed by the tissue structure of the fabric (thickness, weight, compactness), the fabric surface state and so on, all affect the performance of anti ultraviolet radiation textiles.
(2) Textiles by anti ultraviolet finishing agent treatment, can significantly improve the textile SPF (UPF) value, so as to achieve the effect of anti ultraviolet.
(3) The anti ultraviolet finishing agent DP-UV can be applied to a variety of fabrics, all kinds of finishing, the fabric after treatment of ultraviolet shielding rate of more than 85%, and the use is convenient, stable product, for the current production of anti UV fabric ideal products.
(4) The anti ultraviolet finishing agent DP-UV is nontoxic, after finishing the fabric of human skin without irritation, allergic reaction.
(5) Of anti UV fabric finishing method with UV absorber adopted after the production is only a way, along with the science and technology progress will develop anti UV fabric more perfect, to meet the needs of people.

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