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The Application of UV Fiber and Textiles

2016-03-18 08:26 | writer: admin

Ultraviolet proof textiles refers to the fabric, fiber or yarn added UV shielding agent made of textiles. Ultraviolet proof textiles on UV protective ability will be improved significantly, the general rate of ultraviolet shielding can do more than 90%, some even more than in 99%.
At present, with anti ultraviolet function textile mainly polyester, wool, hemp, silkworm etc.. In recent years, various foreign companies in the development of anti UV fiber is very remarkable achievements, processing and manufacturing method of ultraviolet prevention fiber Japan Inc generally uses the method mixed with ceramic particles can absorb or scatter ultraviolet impregnated organic UV absorbers or fiber. Method of scattering ultraviolet radiation is mainly used for cotton fiber, UV absorption method is mainly used for polyester fiber. General mixed with ceramic particles prior to polymerization, solution polymerization and then made into the ceramic are uniformly dispersed, by spinning to obtain anti UV fiber. More use of TiO2 system ceramics.
In recent years, our national defense ultraviolet fiber development speed is also very fast, especially in the development of anti ultraviolet polyester made a breakthrough progress. There are a variety of other varieties of polyester staple fiber, polyester POY, FDY, UDY, DTY polyester, ultraviolet and some polyester fiber blocking rate has reached 94-98%.
At present, the market of UV clothing mostly chemical fiber and chemical fiber blended fabric, but the chemical fiber applications in the field of different.
Among them, anti ultraviolet polyester fiber is very suitable for the production of various kinds of woven, knitted apparel fabrics, pure spinning or weaving production, mainly used for the processing of summer clothing fabrics and sun hat, umbrella, summer women's stockings, weaving fabric with good performance, unique style, comfortable feel. Anti ultraviolet polyester fabric has strong ultraviolet screening rate (up to 98%), and the product is non-toxic, tasteless, functional lasting, no stimulation to the skin. Expected the product is a very potential market development set of functional, health, comfort for the integration of textile materials.

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