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Burning Dummy Test Method of The Flame Retardant Protective Workwear

2016-04-13 08:19 | writer: admin

flame retardant protective workwear from Yulong Textile
The burning dummy test method is started from 20 century 60s and the test standard is ASTM 1930-2000, test method to evaluate the flame retardant property of the workwear by dummy under the deflagrate condition.
In 1970s, Dupont of America and U.S.Army develop the burn dummy test system--thermo-man test system, which include the several subsystem: the store and  transfer of propane gas system;burn manage control system; dummy man system with sensor; data collection and analysis system; computer-control system and the related operation interface; lab safety guarantee system.
Make use of this experimental facility can simulate the scene of people wear protective clothing entirely mergence the fire under the changed heat flow. Use the test to forecast the heat protect property of reality clothing under the deflagration. The fireground produced form the burning of heptane gas and the heat flux is 84kW/(㎡•s), put dummy wear the test clothing in the lab simulate burning environment and expose certainly time, observe the combustion condition. Meanwhile, by the 122 sensor on the dummy, measure and calculate the heat and temperature, which through the garment and conduct to different position of the body. And work out the gross and position of the body bear the second and third degree burns and evaluate the heat protective property of the garment.
The NCTRF have improve the burning dummy test method and make the dummy is movable. Put the dummy in the fire ground and simulate the human escape from the fire and move out of the fire ground in certainly time. 

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