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China's Evaluation Standard for Antistatic Fabrics

2016-04-20 08:18 | writer: admin

Textile antistatic function normally acquired through a special finishing (coating, metal surface treatment, etc.) and use of conductive fiber material (metal fibers, metal coated fibers, conductive composite fiber, etc.) by way of pure,blended spinning,interweave.
Choosing test method according to fabric
Evaluation of textiles antistatic properties should be based on the nature of the different fabrics in different ways, the test project is different by different methods.Static test including dangerous static power parameters test, material and product static performance test, inflammable and explosive materials static inductance test, etc. The main parameter of characterizing material or manufactures electrostatic properties are resistivity, leakage resistance, electric charge density and half-life,friction charged voltage and half-life. Evaluation of electrostatic properties of textile materials are mainly resistance indicators, static voltage and half-life, surface charge density and other indicators, as well as gray smoke testing, Zhang Fan test ,metal adsorption tests and such simple low-precision test indicators.
Test methods species in China
China's current national and industry standards for textiles, clothing antistatic performance test are mainly: GB / T12014-1989 "anti-static overalls", GB / T12703-1991 "textile static test methods", FZ / T01042-1996 "Measurement of textile materials electrostatic properties electrostatic voltage half-life ", FZ / T01044-1996" Measurement of electrostatic properties of textile fiber material leakage resistance", FZ / T01059-1 999" static friction of the fabric of the assay method ", FZ / T01060-1999" fabric friction electric charge density determination method ", FZZY0 1061-1999" fabric triboelectrification voltage measuring method ".
It is important to note that the applicability of the different test method standard is different. In GB/T12703-1991 “static testing methods for textile products" as an example, this method provides several different test method, not only test project is different, different technical conditions, but also the applicable product is different,the characterization of the significance is also different.

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