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The Importance of Reactive Dyes in Dye Stuff Using on Cellulose Fiber

2016-05-04 08:21 | writer: admin

Reactive dyes is cellulose fiber with the development of the dyes and the use of a key, outstanding is the following four aspects:
1. Reactive dyes is replaced for forbidden dye and other types of cellulose fibers such as sulfur dyestuff, azoic dyes and vat dye such the one of best choice;
2. Reactive dyes can use economic dyeing process and simple operation to obtain a high level of various fast performance especially wet fastness;
3. Reactive dye chromatography wide, bright color, good performance, strong applicability, its hue and performance and the market basically adapt to the requirement of fiber and fabric;
4. Reactive dyes suited for new cellulose fiber products, such as lyocell fiber dye and such dyeing needs.

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