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The Purpose of After Finishing for The Textile Fabrics

2016-05-20 08:11 | writer: admin

After finishing is a kind of technical treatment approach which can give color effect, shape effect(smooth, suede, stiff and smooth etc.) and practical effect(impervious, non-felting, non-ironing, mothproof, fireproof etc.) to the fabric. The after finishing is a kind of “ice on the cake” process, it can improve the appearance and hand feel of the fabric by the chemical or physical way, can also enhance the wearability and give special function to the fabric. The after finishing way can be divided into the physical/mechanical finishing and chemical finishing. Based on the purpose and the effect of the after finishing, it can be divided into basic finishing, appearance finishing and functional finishing.
The purpose of the after finishing process:
1, To make the textile fabric has same width, stable size and shape. Such as the stentering, mechanical or chemical pre-shrinking, wrinkle proof and heat-setting etc.
2, To enhance the appearance of textile fabric: including improve the fabric gloss, brightness, increase or decrease the textile surface fluff. Such as whitening, calendering, lightning, Embossing, sanding, shearing and shrink it and so on.
3, To improve the textile hand feel: mainly by chemical or mechanical ways to make textiles has the effect of soft, smooth, fine and rich, stiff, thick and so on. 
4, To improve the durability of textiles: Mainly use the chemical way to prevent the fiber from corroding or damaging of the sunlight, air or microorganism, to extend the service life of textiles. Such as mothproof, mould proof finishing etc.
5, Giving special performance to the textile fabric: including to make the textile fabric has the special protective function or other special features. Such as flame retardant, anti-bacterial, water-oil repellent, anti-uv, anti-static and so on.

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