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The Type and Feature of Textile

2016-06-10 08:15 | writer: admin

According to the raw materials, the textile can be divided into pure, blended and interweave textile. According to the usage, the textile can be divided into clothing type, decoration type, healthy products and industrial fabric. Please check the below description.
1. Divided according to the raw materials of textile
1) Pure yarn fabric is the textile that weaved by the same one fiber, for example, pure cotton fabric, pure linen fabric etc..
2) Blended textile, is the textile that weaved by two or more than two different kinds of fibers blended, for example, cotton polyester blended fabric, polyester viscose blended fabric etc..
2. Divided according to the usage of textile
1) Clothing fabric is the fabric, accessory and lining for clothing.
2) Healthy products, is mean towel, bath towel, pillow towel, handkerchief, bed sheets, blanket etc..
3) Decoration textile, is mean curtain, antependium, bed cover, sofa cloth, chair cover, carpet, tapestry etc..
4) Outdoor products, is mean the textile for umbrella, tent, seabeach etc..
5) Industrial textile, is mean all kinds of textile for industrial, agriculture, medical and military, for example, transmission band, canvas, water hose, insulation fabric, cord fabric, parachute fabric, bandage,filter fabric, bolting-silk etc..  

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