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Several Concepts of Greige

2016-06-17 08:53 | writer: admin

1, Warp direction, warp yarn, warp density--the fabric length direction; the yarn in this direction is warp yarn; the number of the yarn in 1 inch is warp density. 
2, Weft direction, weft yarn, weft density--the fabric width direction; the yarn in this direction is weft yarn; the number of the yarn in 1 inch is warp density.
3, Density--use to express the yarn number of woven fabric in unit length, usually 1 inch or 10cm, Chinese standard rules said that the density is the yarn number in 10cm, textile company usually use the yarn number in 1 inch to express density. Like “45*45/108*58”, the warp yarn and weft yarn are 45 yarns, the warp density and weft density are 108 and 58.
4, Width--the useful width of fabric, usually use cm or inch to express, familiar ones are 36 inches, 44 inches, 56-60 inches etc, respectively called narrow width, middle widht and wide width, above 60 inches fabric will be called extra-width, generally called wide cloth, the width of extra-wide fabric can reach 360cm in China. Width usually tags behand the density. For example, as the mentioned on 3, the fabric should be expressed as“45*45/108*58/60"if add width, it is said that the width is 60”.
5, Weight--fabric weight is the gsm of square meter, weight is one of very important technical index of knitted fabric, stamboul also see the weight as an important technical index. The weight of jean fabric uses oz to express, it is the oz number of fabric weight per square yard, like 7oz, 9oz jean fabric.
6, Yarn-dyed--Japanese called first-dyed fabric, it is a technology that dyes the yarn or filament, then use dyed yarn to weave fabric, this fabric called yarn-dyed fabric. The factory of producing yarn-dyed fabric generally called dyeing factory, like jean fabric and most of the shirt fabric are yarn-dyed fabrics.

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