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The Principle and Function of The Conductive Cloth

2016-07-01 08:10 | writer: admin

Conductive cloth is also called antistatic fabric, the material mainly is polyester+antistatic fiber. By carbonization or doping to mix carbon and fiber, the carbon in the fiber make a continuous structure to give the fiber antistatic feature. Polyester is easy to static electricity, add antistatic fiber make the fabric have antistatic feature, the antistatic fiber will discharge electrostatic from human body by the antistatic yarn. The function of antistatic fabric is as following,
1. Good antistatic function, permanent and washable.
2. It can eliminate electrostatic harm to human body and displeasure feeling caused by electrostatic when human moving or dress and undress.
3. It can eliminate clothing close to the skin and tangle caused by electrostatic, resistance to dirty and easy to wash, not easy to stain the dust.
4. In the electronic and instrument industry, it can protect electronic components damage and aging caused by electrostatic. In the petrochemical industry, it can protect fire and explosion risk caused by electrostatic.

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