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The Method for Measuring Electrostatic Value in Textile

2016-07-08 08:16 | writer: admin

1.Surface specific resistance Rs
Surface specific resistance express as the speed of decay for fiber material static, on value it equal to material’s surface width and length which is the static resistance of 1cm length, unit is Ω.
2.Half-life period t1/2
Half-life period is physical quality for measuring textile’s static decay speed rates, expressing the time to textile’s electrostatic charge decay from original value to half value.
3.Quality specific resistance
Quality specific resistance is one even sample length 1cm, 1g weight, expressed resistance value using Ω, the unit is Ωg/cm2.
4.Electrostatic pressure
Textile rub each other or after rubbing with others, the electrification by friction or leakage reaching voltage values of leveled time.

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