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Flame Retardant Protective Clothing and Its Classification

2016-07-16 08:41 | writer: admin

Flame retardant protective clothing is one of the most widely used personal protection products. Its protective principle mainly is protect workers from fire or heat damage by heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbide segregation etc. shielding effect. Human skin is very sensitive to heat, when touch over 44 ℃ high temperature, human skin will be burned, first is pain then cause first-degree burn, then is bubble, got second-degree burn, When 55℃, first-degree burn remain 20 seconds, then appear second-degree and third-degree burn. When 72℃, will completely burnt. So, it should be wear flame retardant protective clothing in industrial furnaces, chemical, petroleum, coal, machinery, building and fire protection industry, to slow the spread of flame, reduce the heat transfer rate, and make them to form carbide segregation layer, to protect the safety and health of the workers.
The protective function of flame retardant clothing is mainly depend on the feature of flame retardant fabric, currently flame retardant fabric mainly have flame retardant fiber fabric and flame retardant treated fabric.

Flame retardant fabric Source
Flame retardant high temperature resistant fiber fabric Synthetic organic fiber fabric: Nomex,Kevlar,Teflon, PSA etc..
Natural inorganic fiber fabric: Glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber, etc.
flame retardant treated fabric Add flame retardant chemical into spinning solution
flame retardant treated fabric
Use flame retardant chemical, by spraying, immersion firm (or dip) and coating technology for fabric after treatment

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