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Color Fastness to Rubbing of Fabric

2016-08-19 08:58 | writer: admin

1. Compare of testing methods of Color Fastness to Rubbing
Color fastness rubbing testing refers to the color sample rub with dry rubbing cloth and wet rubbing cloth, then evaluate the stain color fastness of rubbing cloth. The testing results have 5 grade, 5 grade is the best, 1 grade is the worst. Although the testing process is simple, but it is the most basic color fastness assessment index of textile fabric, and is one of necessary testing items when the buyer place orders. The testing condition of CF to rubbing testing standard of each country is similar, but still have some differences.
2. The main factors influence the CF to Rubbing and its control measures
When textile fabric rub with other materials, the color come off or color staining is influenced by many factors. The color come off have two methods, one is the dyestuff come off or lose color, stain on the surface of rubbing cloth, another is the color fiber come off, adhere to the surface of rubbing cloth.
3. The dyestuff come off is the main reason of color staining
Although there are some differences of covalent bond strength and adhesion formed by the reactive dyes of different chemical structures and cellulosic fiber, but the impact on the wet rubbing fastness of the dyed fabric is basically the same. When dyed fabric wet rubbing, covalent bond formation between the dyestuff and the fiber does not break and produce floating color. Usually the shift dyestuff does not form a covalent bond with fiber, and adsorption by only van der Waals force, namely the floating color.

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