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The Characteristics and Application Fields of Cotton/Polyamide FR Fabric

2016-09-30 08:28 | writer: admin

FR fabric from Yulong Textile
Cotton/polyamide FR fabric also known as nylon cotton FR fabric, it has good fire retardant function, good Wear Resistance and soft hand feeling, formaldehyde content is less than 300ppm, meet the requirement of environmental index. This fabric has little influence to the color fastness of original fabric after FR treatment. Cotton/nylon FR fabric synthesizes the durability of nylon fabric and comfort of cotton fabric, moisture absorption and sweat releasing, at the same time, it also has cotton fabric’s characteristics, good texture, softening property and high comfortability. 
The cotton/nylon FR fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd is made of 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber, the clothing made by this fabric can extend the use life 50%, may cause it prevent spark, arc and metal drops better. The use of flame retardant is a kind of durability after treatment fire retardant used for the cotton fiber and its blended fabric, the main characteristic of using this flame retardant finishing can form permanent cross linking in the inner of fabric, which can makes durability fire retardant function, good washing fastness, nontoxic and peculiar smell, no harm to the health of human body, fire retardant property can reach EN11611/EN11612/EN14116/EN61482/BS5852/NFPA2112/ASTM and GB8965-2009 etc.
Cotton/nylon FR fabric is used widely in power, welding, oil and gas industrial protective clothing fabric, and sells to large areas of North and South America.

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