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The Difference Between Standard GB/T Series and AATCC Series in Textile's Color Fastness

2016-10-17 08:45 | writer: admin

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Color fastness is one of the main test item in textile, is also Chinese mandatory national standard GB 18401-2003 <national textile product basic safety technical manual> which is regulated examine item.
Color fastness is textile‘s color maintaining degree in certain condition, such as fastness to perspiration is textile’s color maintaining degree in perspiration. Color fastness divided into several kinds, fastness to soaping, fastness to washing, fastness to perspiration, fastness to abrasion, fastness to light, fastness to sea water etc, among them, fastness to washing/ fastness to perspiration and fastness to abrasion is regulated examine item in GB 18401-2003 <national textile product basic safety technical manual> .
In China it is used that GB/T series as textile’s color fastness testing method standard, valid with ISO series standard or revised a little based on ISO series standard, so it doesn’t have so many difference between color fastness standard GB/T series and ISO series, but it have big difference with USA dye-chemical association standard AATCC.
Because color fastness standard is different, same sample may tested according to different standard, thus its result turn out different.
The difference between GB/T 5H3-1997 and AATCC 107-2007 in color fastness to washing mainly is test measurement/ lining kinds/thermostatic time etc, among them it have big difference in thermostatic time, divided into 4h and 18h.
The difference between GB/T 3922—1995 and AATCC 15—2007 in color fastness to perspiration mainly is test measurement/ lining kinds/ composition of perspiration and PH value/ bath ratio/ thermostatic time etc, among them it have big difference in perspiration of PH value, GB/T 3922—1995 regulated two perspiration of PH value as 5.5 and 8.0, AATCC 15-2007 regulated PH value as 4.3.
It doesn’t have big difference between standard GB/T 3920-2008 and AATCC 8-2007 in color fastness to abrasion, mainly because abrasion cloth have big ratio of moisture content, but it cannot said that all the sample have same test result based on GB/T 3920—2008 and AATCC 8—2007.

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